10 Megapixels at $2.20/pixel

IMG_0380.JPGWhen I was in Pennsylvania two weeks ago for Thanksgiving with Katherine’s extended family, we took a trip in to Philadelphia to see the new Comcast corporate headquarters building, recently opened, and a new downtown landmark (chock full of green design and LEED goodness).

The coolest part of the new Comcast building is the giant, $22m 10 megapixel mega-HD video wall in the lobby, which runs custom-developed more-than-HD content 24×7. My brother-in-law is a VP at Comcast and took us to see the holiday show on the wall, which drew hundreds of people. Happily, we were able to secure front-row seats (on the lobby’s floor) to see the show. Click here to see a slideshow of shots I took of the wall with my iPhone. I have to say, the video wall is quite stunning. Most impressive, Comcast! For more tech specs on the wall, check out this post from Engadget.