High Altitude Tech Jobs

Are you a techie and interested in relocating to Boulder, CO? I made the move from the Valley just over two years ago and am really enjoying the small-town life (I walk to work, my son plays with kids who live on the same block, etc) coupled with the beautiful surroundings and the high-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem that was much deeper and richer than I expected (and is continuing to grow).

All this startup activity has led to an all-too-common shortage: not enough software talent to fill all the open positions. To address this, about a dozen local Boulder companies have banded together to create a weeklong job-fair (October 27-31) to import some engineering talent into the area. This is an application-only affair, but if selected, you will enjoy a no-strings-attached all-expenses-paid trip out to Boulder to interview with numerous startups and get a chance to experience Boulder.

If you’re interested, check out the post on the Foundry Group website for more background, or go right to the site the companies have put up to promote the event.