Defragging One Mile High

Last year was the inaugural year of the Defrag Conference, held last November in Denver, Colorado. It is back again, and promises to be bigger and better this year, and will be held on November 3rd and 4th at the Hyatt Regency in Denver.

My partner Brad Feld helped Defrag co-founders Eric Norlin and Phil Becker get the conference off the ground last year when Eric contacted Brad after reading his post on Intelligence Amplification, a concept we’d been kicking around at Foundry Group that ultimately led to the investment themes we call Implicit Web and Glue, two areas where we are actively looking for new investment opportunities.

Defrag is all about meeting and brainstorming with people who are working on aspects of the hairy next-generation of software problems that emerge from trying to separate signal from noise in a world of information overload and loosely-coupled and promiscuous applications and data. To learn more, follow the Defrag blog and check out the picture gallery from Defrag 2007. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to attend Defag — if you’re not a local, sneak out to Colorado, where the air is a bit cleaner and the visibility a bit better, both literally and metaphorically.