Foundry Group’s First Music Video: I’m a VC

My partners and I have been cooking up this video over the summer, and we’re finally ready to release it to the world. Jason and Brad recently released a book called Venture Deals, and Jason decided that releasing a music video was the best way to market the book. (Isn’t that obvious?)

Jason (my bandmate for over a decade) wrote the music and lyrics for this (very) tongue-in-cheek song, and I have to say, it is rather catchy. Despite my general skepticism about parody, Jason’s songwriting skills won me over.

After he put the instrumental tracks together without touching a single real instrument, thanks to the power of Apple’s GarageBand, we headed to Jason’s recording studio, where Jason laid down the lead vocals and the rest of us laid down the backing vocals. Then we proceeded to shoot the video on location in Boulder during a day-long photo shoot in late June, also under the direction of Jason “Auteur” Mendelson. I have to say, I think Seth steals the show with his beard and blue suit.

Hope you enjoy it. Here it is:

If you’ve read this far, you might even want to read the lyrics. Here they are:

I’m a VC

Words & Music by Jason A. Mendelson © 2011

You know, I just want to tell you. Tell you.
It’s been great gettin’ to know a little about you. About you.
And I wonder, should we be together?
Should we commit to each other for today and forever? Forever.

Hey, you’ve been on my mind
Been at least a few hours, since I’ve seen your slides Since I met you at the Rosewood, or was it South By? Time for us to talk, about our future lives

I know you, you want me, I might want you too
Let’s share your deepest secrets, and find if I can trust in you
I like you, just maybe, you’ve got a clue
Meet my partners on a Monday, we’ll see if they can dig you too

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
I drive around a Prius and I meet over sushi I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
It takes more than Powerpoint slides to impress me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

Hey, will you ever learn?
It’s all about the feelings, not the legal terms When you mentioned NDA, I got concerned Don’t want to fall in love and then get burned

Twenty pre? I can’t believe, you think that’s cheap
For a company you started with your dog last week
Let’s back up, let’s do Buck’s, I’ll wear my favorite khakis You can buy the lattes, and we’ll climb under the term sheets

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
I’m the guy people stand in line to meet me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
Don’t go with friends and family ‘cause you complete me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

Series A. I like what I see
Series B. You’re the one for me Series C. Don’t dilute me
Series D. Starting to get cold feet Series E. Oh no
Series F. Where’s my IPO? Series G. Gettin’ low
Series H. Time to go home

Hey, do you feel it baby?
Because you know VCs, I’m a definite maybe
Sorry I’ve been gone, I’ve been a little crazy
At the end of the day, it’s all about the Hamiltons, baby

I know you, you seem great, I love what you’re debuting
But I’ve got so many other deals that I’m now reviewing
It’s not you, it’s just me, I’ve got so many wooing
Like the Chinese knock-off of what your team is so good doing

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
Can’t take a leak without people who pitch me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
With my Wonder Twin powers no f*cker can beat me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
Stanford, Harvard educated, even MIT I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?

‘Cause I’m a VC, I’m a VC
If you need to find me check out Facebook, LinkedIn or tweet me I’m a VC, oh ho
Who are you?