Do More Faster

My partner Brad Feld and TechStars CEO David Cohen just wrote a book called Do More Faster, which will be released in a week or so, and is presently available for pre-order on Amazon. In keeping with the title of the book, they have put together a compelling book in record time; they did so by leveraging a network of contributing authors, including yours truly.

My chapter is entitled “Use Your Head, then Trust Your Gut”, and in it I reflect on the fact that founders of technology companies in particular have a huge amount of data at their disposal: real-time sales information, user behavior analytics and a huge amount of advice coming at them from board members, investors, advisors and countless other humans who have often strong opinions on how a start-up should be run.

One of the great balancing acts an entrepreneur must perform is synthesizing all of these inputs (many of which are conflicting) and then charting a decisive course of action. When done well, this involves a blend of art and science and qualitative and quantitative thinking.<

In addition to my small contribution to this book, Brad and David assembled dozens of chapters from mentors, company founders and others involved in TechStars into seven themes: Idea and Vision, People, Execution, Product, Fundraising, Legal and Structure, and Work and Life Balance.

This book is a must-read for anyone involved in the creation of early-stage technology startups, so head over to Amazon and order a copy now.