Startup2Startup Panel

Last night, I had the pleasure of being on a panel discussion with Dave McClure, Jeff Clavier and Howard Lindzon, moderated by David Cohen of TechStars. This was a Startup2Startup event, graciously imported to Boulder for a night by Señor McClure, that guy with all those hats. We started the evening off with margaritas and dinner at Tahona and then retreated to the TechStars bunker for the panel.

Entitled “The Ultimate Platform Hotness Smack Down”, the purpose of the panel was to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of four platforms: Facebook, the iPhone, Twitter and the native web / search ecosystem. Each of us represented one of the platforms, and I was the one who championed the native web / search ecosystem, no doubt given my history as a founder of a now-defunct first-gen internet search engine and portal. It was a fun event and it was great to hang out and talk platforms with folks from the Boulder/Denver tech community as well as my fellow panelists. Dave put up the slides from the panel, so take a look: