High Job Satisfaction Week: Gist, Glue, Medialets, Pogoplug, Cohen, Eminem and more…

When work is going particularly well, my partner Jason Mendelson and I like to say, “today is a high job satisfaction day”. Well, this past week has been a high job satisfaction week. (Of course, in general I feel like an insanely lucky guy to have the job that I do, so my job satisfaction stays at a pretty high level most of the time.) But this past week was a particularly good one for Foundry Group.

First off, I’m very excited about the three new investments we’ve announced in the past week: Gist, Medialets and Pogoplug. Second, we are in the final hours of the Glue Conference here in Denver, put on by the indefatigable Eric Norlin (who also runs the equally excellent Defrag Conference), with the help of my partner Seth Levine who also put a ton of work into making this conference a great one. Highlights of the conference for me including having the opportunity to have dinner with Mitch Kapor last night, followed by listening to him give a great keynote this morning that nicely outlined the history of innovation/disruption in the technology work from the mainframe era to the present date.

I’m also happy to say that David Cohen, founder of TechStars, has announced the close of a $2.5m seed fund today. Having worked with David and TechStars over the past several years, I’m excited to welcome another fund addressing the very early stage into the mix, and I’m delighted to be a personal investor in the fund as well.

Finally, in other news, Topspin Media, is now supporting the release of Eminem’s new album, Relapse. This is a big deal for Topspin, since Mr. Marshall Mathers is definitely the biggest star the company has worked with to date. You can buy it here, or listen to it below. Enjoy!