Introducing…Me (Again)

Two weeks ago, I attended the second Lobby Conference, and, as expected, it was one of the best of year for me, so kudos to David Hornik for iterating and improving – an already great conference became even better. Same as last year, one of the best ideas from the conference is that all attendees are encouraged to make videos introducing themselves to their fellow conference-goers, a great way for everyone to learn a bit about one-another before the conference begins. And to help increase participation, everyone who submits a video in advance receives an iPod filled with the intro videos that they can watch on the plane on the way over to Hawaii. No video, no iPod. You can see my video from last year here, or check out my submission for this year below:

Everything that happened at the conference is off the record, so I won’t comment further on any of the content or conversations that occured, but I figured my own introductory video was fair game, and therefore suitable to be re-published on my blog.