Tyranny Crime, Wordie.org

I’ve always enjoyed word games of all sorts and compulsively rearrange most words and phrases I encounter to see if there are any amusing acronyms to be found within them. In college, I even wrote a Boggle-playing program in LISP with my friend Martin Reinfried.

Naturally, I’ve spent time on the internet anagram server (which, beautifully, is an acronym for I, rearrangement servant) in order to find acronyms for words and phrases that are too long for me to do easily in my head. Just as ego-searching is popular on Google, I’ve used the server to find my favorite anagram for my name. Previously, the best anagram I’d encountered for Ryan McIntyre was My inner Tracy. Today, thanks to Pete Warden, I have a new favorite anagram for my name: Tyranny Crime. Should I ever release a solo album, I now know the title.

And while I’m on the subject of fun word sites online, I should point out Wordie.org, sort of a Digg or Flickr for word enthusiasts. My word-feed of favorite words can be found here. Thanks go to Ben Casnocha for pointing out Wordie to me a year or two ago.