Sooner or Later

And, better late(r) than never. Between our compulsion to relentlessly polish the songs and tweak the mix, our day jobs, getting married and having children, half the band moving to Colorado and starting up a new venture fund, sometimes I feared we’d never get the thing done.

But we did. I’m excited to announce that my band, Soul Patch, has finally released our second album, aptly titled Sooner or Later, over six years after the release of our first album in 2001, Summers in Rangoon. We’re extremely proud of how it turned out, and it brings together our eclectic influences into a cohesive sound that is reminiscent of Beck, Steely Dan and Phish, yet is also uniquely our own. We actually got the CD back from the duplication house a couple months ago, but waited to publicly announce it while it worked its way through the tubes of the internet commerce system until it was widely available. You can now find it on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and many other spots online.

In addition to yours truly on lead guitar, my partner at Foundry Group, Jason Mendelson, plays drums on the album, Nick Peters is my partner in guitar-crime, and a guy I’ve worked with (at Excite, back in the day) and been friends with and played in bands with since seventh grade, Scott Derringer, is the bassist. We were also lucky to have one of the most incredible players I know, my longtime guitar guru Chris Rossbach appear on a song, and, finally, the very talented Kevin McCourt (the one guy whose day job is actually being a musician and who plays with the likes of Stevie Wonder) on keyboards. Each of us share vocal duties and songwriting credits. This album is a true product of the digital age, with different instrumental tracks recorded in my old studio in Portola Valley, CA, my new studio in Boulder, Nick’s studio in Palo Alto, and Kevin’s studio in Los Angeles, and with final mastering done in Austin, TX. Finally, I should also give props to the talented Lawrence Hamashima for his excellent cover art.

If you are so inclined, please become a fan on our Facebook page or iLike, where you can sample the music, or come visit the Soul Patch website for even more background on our band, including lyrics, our first album, our blog, and the requisite paraphernalia like t-shirts and coffee mugs. If you like what you hear, buy a physical or digital copy of the album, and if you are a blogger and dig the tunes, please post about it, like our friend and Big Time VC Fred Wilson did a couple of weeks ago.