Ten Years of Beers

SpeakeasyThe fine folks at Speakeasy Ales & Lagers are celebrating their tenth anniversary and are having a shindig to celebrate.  Since I’m in Boulder this weekend, I won’t be able to make the party, but wanted to encourage folks in the Bay Area to attend.  Speakeasy was the first angel investment I ever made, and I celebrated my 30th birthday at the brewery, so Forest and the rest of the crew over at Speakeasy have a special place in my heart.  Go try their new White Lightening Wheat Beer and my all-time-favorite IPA, Big Daddy.  They’ve been steadily expanding their distribution throughout the country over the years and I’m looking forward to a reliable supply of their fine brews popping up in Boulder in the near future.  Congrats to Forest and the rest of the Speakeasy crew on ten great years of beer in San Francisco!

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