I am an expert axe thrower…

Before the age of the internet, I had never encountered another Ryan McIntyre. I thought it was a relatively rare name. But now that I live in the global village (and subscribe to a vanity search for my name on Google Alerts), I have come to realize that there are many Ryan McIntyres out there who are doing many interesting things.

There is me, Ryan McIntyre the VC.

There is Ryan McIntyre, the software engineer who also lives in Colorado. (I was a coder once upon a time too.)

There is Ryan McIntyre, the collegiate roller-hockey player.

There is Ryan McIntyre, the singer-songwriter (coincidentaly, I am also a musician with a band and a CD).

There is Ryan McIntyre, the discuss-thrower for Florida Gators, who was given the All-America award in 2002 and 2004.

There is Ryan McIntyre, the Western Region Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual.

And, today, I discovered Ryan McIntyre, the Canadian axe-thrower:

Google News Alert for: “Ryan McIntyre”

Loggers brave the elements

British Columbia North Island Gazette – Woss,British Columbia,Canada

Ryan McIntyre of Bigbie, NS, also scored well for the Atlantic provinces. He won the axe throw, hitting two bulls-eyes in his three tosses, …

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We are a multi-talented bunch.