Apple’s Redemption

I was on the road for a few weeks after posting my gripe about Apple losing my new MacBook Pro, so I neglected to post a follow up. That post wound up on the front page of Digg, and I received many comments, words of sympathy and stories from folks who have had similar experiences with Apple and other PC makers.

The very next morning after I posted about the loss of my mac, I received a call from a helpful guy who was a regional manager for customer service. He arranged for my local Apple Store (29th Street Mall in Boulder) to give me a brand new mac with the same specs as the one I ordered. It was ready for me the same day.

And because I already had a bunch of sensitive data on my hard drive on the lost machine, he kept up the search for the old one and located it on a Friday afternoon. They overnighted the hard drive from the old new machine (via Saturday delivery no less) back to the store in Boulder and installed it in my new new machine and I was up and running in time for my Monday morning trip across the pond to London.

The one thing they didn’t have at the Apple Store at the time was the extra RAM to get my machine up to 3GB, so I’ve still got to go back to the store to have that installed at some point, but other than that, I’m now a happy camper.

Kudos to Apple for turning on a dime and fixing the problem quickly once I was able to rise above the noise. Hopefully next time I have an issue it won’t take an email to Steve Jobs and having my blog on the front page of Digg to get a response. But that being said, once they recognized there was a problem, Apple did the right thing and made it better in short order.

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