Well, by now you’ve probably heard of placeshifting, the functionality enabled by the Slingbox and other devices that allows you to stream your home television signal to a PC or phone anywhere in the world. But Sling Media has now gone one step further: Stadiumshifting.

While I’m not much of sports fan myself, I love this application. This past weekend, a Slingbox attached to the scoreboard video feed at a non-televised game between Cal’s Golden Bears and Washington State’s Cougars sent the live video of the game from Pulman, WA straight to the big screen on the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, which enabled the rabid Cal fans to gather en masse to watch their team play a game that was not broadcast on any of the networks. More details can be found here. Very cool.

Update: Blake Krikorian (Sling’s CEO and co-founder) took a video of the event and put it up on YouTube. Enjoy.

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