Secret Agent Man

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Yesterday was a good day to be an FOB. That’s a Friend of Brad. Not that it isn’t always good to be a friend of Brad, but yesterday will stand out in my memory for years to come. Our colleague Heidi Roizen arranged a very special visit to the set of Brad’s (and my) favorite TV show. As you can see in the pictures above, we are hard at work making difficult split-second decisions in a time of crisis. Thanks to Heidi for masterminding this, thanks to Brad for inviting me, and thanks to everyone over at the show, who were incredibly gracious and made us all feel very welcome. After a few hours there, I’m left with a huge level of respect for the incredible logistical and operational challenge it is to produce a television series, and I’m very impressed with the high level of professionalism evidenced by everyone involved with the operation. These guys have zero margin for error and missing their “ship date” for an episode is not even an option.