Off to Vegas

I’m heading out to Vegas early tomorrow morning to attend CES, The Hajj for the consumer electronics industry and the gadget-obsessed among us. This year I’ve got two of my portfolio companies who will have a presence at the show: Microdisplay and Sling Media.

I’ll be sure to check out all the new LCoS, Plasma, DMD, LCD and OLED displays while I’m there, though I’m secretly lusting after a nanotube flatscreen, which is likely several years from commercialization. I also plan to visit Sonos and SlimDevices (I own four Slimp3 players) and want to check out the cool UTStarcom Vonage WiFi VOIP phone.

I’ll also be tracking the activity in the blogosphere to plan my path through the exhibit halls and find cool gadgets to check out. Naturally, I’ll be using Technorati’s new keyword search watchlist feature to find CES blog posts as they occur.