VC Holiday Cheer

OnsetEvery December, many VC firms (Mobius included) send out a flurry of holiday greeting cards to their VC colleagues, service providers, portfolio company management teams, entrepreneurs, friends, etc. And every December, I look forward to receiving the card that Onset Ventures sends to me. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on the board of directors of Glimmerglass with Susan Mason of Onset, which is how I wound up on Onset’s holiday mailing list.

Onset creates cards that are always clever and have an amazingly high production value. (See the picture in this post for a preview from last year’s card). You can also access the archive of their cards here. My favorite was 2002’s card, which contained a series of haikus that reflected the angst of the time. I’ll close with a few of my favorites:

snow falls silently
blocking pathways, bringing gloom
just like the NASDAQ

‘e’ here and ‘e’ there
‘e’ was almost everywhere
except for ‘e’arnings

coal in my stocking
once nothing, now an asset
warmth underrated