New Gadget: Moto Razr

Since I’m a gadget guy, it is fitting that my first post is about a tech toy. I got a new cellphone a few days ago: the Motorola Razr. So far I’d give it a big thumbs-up (ignoring the typical UI problems caused by Cingular insisting upon changing the default menu items in a way that is guaranteed to impede usability). It is thin enough that I don’t feel it in my back pocket, voice quality is good, it has mp3 ringtones, a nice big color screen, plus I’m excited to use a wireless Bluetooth headset, though that is still on backorder and has yet to arrive.

My biggest complaint thus far is that Apple’s iSync software appears able only to sync contacts and calendar information via USB, not via Bluetooth, which is a serious drawback since I’d prefer to avoid bringing a cable with me wherever I go. I don’t know if this is due to a lack of capability in iSync or in the phone, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

I am, however, able to easily browse the phone’s filesystem via Bluetooth from my G4 laptop, so the first thing I did was upload a dozen of my favorite pictures of my one-year-old son, Quinn. The second thing I did was install an mp3 ringtone I created and recorded in my studio with my colleague and bandmate, Jason Mendelson.