United’s MadLibs Menu Planning

After giving credit where credit was due last week when United recovered my MacBook Air, I’m afraid I must now lodge yet another complaint against United AIrlines. The food. Of course, complaining about airline food is an easy and unoriginal target, but the last couple of meals I’ve had have struck me as particularly odd….

How United saved my Air

I love my new MacBook Air, but yesterday I discovered a design flaw: it is just too small. I left it in the seat-back pocket on the plane I took from Denver to San Francisco. Brad blogged about this yesterday and kindly kept my identity (and absentmindedness) out of his post, but I felt compelled…

The Cabo Wabo

Last weekend, Rex and Jason and I went down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Rex was the instigator of the trip and wanted to have a “boy’s weekend” to blow off some steam. The three of us play in a cover band together called Full Ratchet (bad VC humor, if you get the joke). Unbeknownst…