Language Acquisition

My son Quinn is nineteen months old and is soaking up new words like a sponge. Some of my recent favorites include: umbrella, spider and Calabi-Yau, which might qualify as the most useless word a toddler could know, but deeply amused his dad, who was having fun with his excellent mimicry skills one Saturday afternoon….

The Rise and Fall of Names

My wife Katherine recently pointed me to a very cool website that produces a historical graph showing the popularity of a name through time. The interactive graphing feature, the NameVoyager, is really well done and fun to play with. “What should we name our child?” is a common conversation today among our peers, many of…

Happy Birthday to Q!

Our son Quinn is one year old today! Katherine & I have had an exhilirating, exhausting and wonderful first year with the little guy, who is (seriously) the best baby in the known universe. We’re proud of ourselves today given we’ve had a dog survive over two years in our care and a little boy…