Archives / June, 2009

New Gadget: Verizon MiFi

While I wait with eager anticipation to get my hands on the new iPhone 3GS, I’ve been enjoying a new gadget: the Verizon MiFi. The MiFi is a combination wireless 3G EVDO modem with an integrated router/hub and wifi, all delivered in a sleek black unit the size of a small stack of business cards….

Bing Juice?

With all the hubbub surrounding the launch of Bing, I finally got around to spending some time with MSFT’s new search engine over the last few days. My behavior, along with millions of other search lookie-loos out there, likely single-handedly accounts for MSFT’s probably temporary increase in search market share since the launch of Bing….

Memeo Share Gets Five Stars at Cnet’s

Congrats to Foundry Group portfolio company Memeo for receiving a five star rating from cnet’s for the new release of Memeo Share, version 2! just gave Memeo Share a five star editor’s rating, and they’ve got a nice more detailed blog post about the software here. I’ve known Memeo’s founder, Hong Bui for…

Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System

I just finished reading one of the most nerdtastic books I’ve read in a long time, thanks to Kwin Kramer at Oblong, who generously gave me the book he had just acquired at the MIT Press bookstore while in Cambridge. Kwin hadn’t even read the book yet, but I think he saw me salivate (and…