Archives / October, 2007

Airport Sunrise

I am a glass is half-full kind of guy (which can come in handy as an early-stage venture investor).  So while I was not excited to be at Denver International Airport at 7am this morning, at least I got to see this great sunrise. Technorati Tags: DIA, Denver, Sunrise

The Sonos Search Box

Hooray for Sonos for listening to their customer feedback. Today, they released version 2.5 of their system software, adding the most useful feature yet: search. Sonos also added access to Napster, but as a subscriber to Rhapsody and Pandora, I’m less interested in access to yet another online service at this point, though I definitely…

More is better

Took this shot on my trusty iPhone at the SF Moma last week during a break from the Web 2.0 Summit.  If one Ryan is good, an infinite number of Ryans must be better… Technorati Tags: iPhone, SFMoma, Web2Summit

Nobel Prize in Magnetic Storage!

Well, not really, but today’s winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg, were each honored for their independent discoveries of Giant Magnetoresistance, or GMR in 1988. The stunning growth in storage density in magnetic media was enabled in large part by the introduction of hard drives heads that employed GMR,…

The Limerick is underrated…

At the Postini/Google closing dinner last Wednesday night, Postini investor David Cowan gave a toast. In Limerick. Here it is in all its glory. Thanks for the laughs, David! Technorati Tags: Google, Postini, Limerick, Toast