• Carl

    Re. Modern: It’s a Sonos thing. I’ve been a Rhapsody subscriber for a few years and it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for (by track, artist, album, genre…).
    More importantly, I just ditched my iPod in favor of a Sensa player connected to Rhapsody, and I love it. I was incredibly bored with my music collection and don’t really care whether I “own” the mp3 or are “renting” it, as long as I can play it whenever and whereever I want. I’ve had a blast dragging albums from Rhapsody over and enjoying music while working out or communting that I would NEVER buy, and reliving guilty pleasures from high school.
    I also added some Rhapsody channels, and each time I plug in the Sensa it gets updated with whole new playlists in that genre – great for finding new music. Oh, and it also all lives on my laptop so I can listen at home on nice speakers.
    I could go on… For me, this solves all my DRM concerns – I have a music library that travels with me that includes everything except the Beatles and Brain Salad Surgery. All for $15 a month.

  • http://tomdog.com tomdog

    Virtually all those crazy DJs out there who you see cutting and scratching their way to fame or backing up the latest hip hop flash in the pan use custom vinyl – they have records that are nothing but sound snippets that they scratch. A notable exception to this is cut-master Kid Koala who is exceptionally talented and a treat to watch. He brings crates and crates of records and cycles through them track by track, sometimes with 4 turntables running.

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