Bay Area Food Log

My family just got back last week from spending a month in San Francisco. While we’ve lived (quite happily) in Boulder over the past three years, we spent 17 years in the Bay Area and like to get back there on a regular basis for an extended stay to reconnect with old friends and to reconnect with the great cuisine the Bay Area has to offer.

Any of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook probably saw me post status updates as we did our food tour, but I didn’t always remember to do it at each meal. So I looked back at my calendar (and my news feeds) to try to reconstruct a (mostly) comprehensive list of where we went out to eat during our month in the Bay Area. While we tried a couple new places (La Ciccia and Range), our destinations were more oriented towards old favorites, honed over many years of living in Northern California. Here goes:

7/18 – Yank Sing, San Francisco (lunch)

7/18 – Kokkari, San Francisco

7/19 – Pizzeria Picco, Larkspur (lunch)

7/19 – Taylor’s Refresher, San Francisco

7/20 – Sushi Ran, Sausalito

7/21 – Golden Flower, San Francisco (lunch)

7/21 – Slanted Door, San Francisco

7/30 – Tres Agaves, San Francisco (lunch)

7/30 – Mijita, San Francisco (dinner)

7/31 – La Ciccia, San Francisco

8/01 – The Village Pub, Woodside

8/02 – Tacubaya, Berkeley (lunch)

8/02 – Little Star Pizza, San Francisco

8/03 – 21st Amendment, San Francisco (lunch)

8/04 – Quadrus Cafe, Menlo Park

8/04 – Spruce, San Francisco

8/05 – Sancho’s Taqueria, Redwood City (lunch)

8/06 – Stern Dining Hall, Stanford University (lunch)

8/06 – Straits Cafe, Palo Alto

8/07 – Tres Agaves, San Francisco (lunch)

8/08 – Ame, San Francisco

8/12 – Yoshi’s SF, San Francisco

8/13 – Gialina Pizzeria, San Francisco

8/14 – Fish, Sausalito (lunch)

8/14 – Isa, San Francisco

8/15 – Yank Sing, San Francisco (lunch)

8/15 – Range, San Francisco

We also made numerous trips (in person and takeout) to Pizzeria Delfina (Pacific Heights location), Bittersweet Cafe and La Boulange (Fillmore & Union St. locations), but I can’t recall the precise days we visited those fine establishments. The careful reader no doubt noticed my pizzeria and taqueria fixation. What can I say, they are two of my favorite food groups.

We also hit the world’s best farmer’s market (the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market) numerous times during our stay. Late July and early August are prime season for heirloom tomatoes and peaches and nectarines. And the king of all purveyors of stone fruit is, of course, Frog Hollow Farm.

The stand-out dinners for me during the month were La Ciccia, Ame and Range. The restaurant I’m most disappointed we didn’t make it to was A16, which we really enjoy, but somehow never made it there.

I’m always looking for suggestions of new places to try when I’m in SF (which is often). Please mention your favorites in the comments!

  • admin

    Next time you're in town, try Zinnia. Head chef used to be at Myth which had to close; we're investors in his new place.

  • We've been to Zinnia (and Myth, RIP). Great place! Made it there in March on our way back from spring break in Hawaii.

  • Dude – you are making me hungry. The pizza I just had at The Boatyard in Dillon now seems lame and pathetic.

  • Totally missing the “blue awning pho place in Chinatown” dude!

  • Jeremy, if you can find the name and address of the pho place, I'll totally link to it and add it to the list!

    • thanks Jeremy. Golden Flower has been added to the list.

  • Lonny Chu

    Acquerello is one of my favorites that's more toward the upscale end. R & G Lounge is really good Chinese in Chinatown. I just tried Brenda's French Soul Food recently and was very happy with it. Of course, none of these can compare to Stern Dining Hall, but we must make do with what we can get. Great list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

    You can't possibly be in San Francisco for that long and not eat at:

    #1: Swan Oyster Depot (polk/california) – Always my first stop for lunch, usually straight from the airport. Anchor Steam (while waiting in line), cup of clam chowder, fresh bread and butter, 1/2 dozen mixed oysters, prawn and crab louis salad. Grab a free chocolate sample at the See's Candies next door to top it all off. Family run for at least 50 years, probably longer – introduce yourself to one of the brothers and they will greet you by name the next time that you visit, even if it's not for another 6 months to a year. In my opinion, the #1 absolute best lunch place in the entire country.

    #2: Atami Sushi (lombard/octavia) – The best sushi restaurant in SF run by a staff of three people every night that it is open. Wiley (former chef at Ebisu (also great for different reasons, mostly the #29 roll and Tommy, who is still going strong – hai! )), Michelle the waitress and a single bus-boy – they do everything. The sushi is relatively small, expensive, served in a very simple, unassuming atmosphere and worth every penny. Try everything, it's all great.

    Lots more recs if you like those two…

  • laurie

    awesome impressive list. i passed along your feedback on the 'za and disappointing ice cream…….hope to see you back in sf soon!