USB Ethernet Problems With New MacBook Air?

I just bought myself a brand new MacBook Air, with a 128GB flash drive and the faster graphics. It runs much faster than the first-gen one I have and also runs much cooler, so in general I’m a happy guy.

But twice now, I’ve hooked up the ethernet dongle and plugged it into a network cable/port that I know works, and the adapter does not recognize that the cable is plugged in, and nothing I do (restart, unplug/replug) seems to help.

Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve tried it with two different dongles too, and the problem happened with both of them. Can anyone out there help?

  • Sorry, man, I can't help with the dongle issue. But if you are looking to unload your old Macbook air for a 'bargain basement, the economy is in tatters, apocolypse-is-coming, selling to your good friend' price, then shoot me an email because I'm your man! 🙂

    • my IT guy at Foundry is re-allocating them elsewhere in the organization. if he decides to sell on eBay, I'll have him call you first…

  • Craig

    Ha! Welcome to the 21st Century Ryan. We have this thing now called “the Wifi” and it makes your tubes wireless! Ditch the USB ethernet dongle. Get a portable AP. Plug AP into ethertube. Voila. Probably cheaper than a USB ethernet dongle too.

    • well, the dongle is lighter than the access point for one. and believe it or not, some hotels don't offer wifi access, just ethernet, so i was screwed. my verizon EVDO USB modem is also having issues (hmm, maybe it is my USB port) so I'm waiting for the iPhone SW upgrade and a tethering app from AT&T, which is supposedly coming any day now…

  • I am having the same problem. Let me know if you find a solution. twitter:jives

    • John, it is a software bug, they said a new system update should address it sooner or later, but in the the meantime, the workaround is to open network preferences, create a new network location and then switch to it. that will “reset” so that the adapter can detect whether it is plugged in or not. After you've created a new location, simply switching between them should do the trick, but if not, just create yet another one. Not elegant, but it does work.

  • BSouther

    I had same problem. The following solved it for me:

    – Open “System Preferences”
    – Open “Network”
    – In left pane, click to select “USB Ethernet”
    – Click “Advanced”
    – Click “Renew DHCP Lease”

    Fyi, my MBAir ethernet is plugged into an Airport Extreme (N) router, which is connected to a Comcast cable modem

    • bcarn

      this worked, thanks

  • Thanks for information, I’ll always keep updated here!n

  • Robert Whittier

    I had the same problem, and a fellow at the Mac Genius Bar was able to fix it. Both ports on my MacBook Air work for USB, but one of them stopped working with the ethernet dongle. I can’t remember now just exactly what the guy did, but at one step involved pushing the option key when he opened a folder. The problem has just recurred, and so I’ll have to visit the Genius Bar again.