Sooner or Later on Rhapsody, Bandcamp

In this case, later. Much later. I’m a big fan of using Rhapsody on my Sonos, so I’ve been frustrated that my band’s second album seemed to get lost on its way to Rhapsody. For some strange reason, when my band Soul Patch released the album earlier this year, we used CD Baby to handle physical and digital distribution, and the album quickly found its way to iTunes, Amazon and numerous other digital services, but Rhapsody was a serious laggard. Rhapsody told us they had a big backlog and were a bit behind, and promised we’d get up there in June, July, August and October. I had given up and had stopped asking the folks at Rhapsody what the deal was. Finally, sometime in the past week, the album found its way through the clogged tubes of the interweb and is now available for your streaming pleasure:

Sooner or Later by Soul Patch

Finally, as an investor in Topspin Media (and in the spirit of distributing Soul Patch’s music as widely as possible), I’ve trying out various different direct-to-fan musician’s publishing platforms, so I decided to put Sooner or Later up on Bandcamp, a very slick system indeed. Kudos to Ethan & Co. for a job well done, and to the fine folks over at True Ventures who invested in Bandcamp. Here’s a nice embed that Bandcamp provides:

  • I have had several friends experience the same “backlog” error with rhapsody. They found more success really focusing time on youtube and itunes. There are also other bands that I know of (not personally) that have also quickly found a large following using the same method and kind of putting rhapsody on the back burner (check out boyce avenue) they are one that has quickly grown between youtube and itunes.

  • I am going to take this a little different route, but still give Rhapsody a hard time. I have no experience with submitting music to Rhapsody, but do have experience as one of their customers. And I must say it has not been pleasant. I can not tell you how many times I have downloaded a song and a week or so later it locks me out of the song saying, unable to synchronize or whatever. Seems to be Rhapsody as a whole has a little problem. Good luck with other ventures in the future.