Oblong: Rodent-Free Computing

After spending a moment looking back at the past in my previous post, now it is time to look into the future. Foundry Group invested in a company called Oblong about a year ago, but when we made our investment, we couldn’t say much at the time (though Brad did hint about their Minority Report UI heritage) because Oblong wasn’t quite ready to tell the world exactly what they were doing. Oblong was Foundry’s first investment in our HCI theme. Well, today they have officially de-cloaked and have launched their website. Go check out Oblong.com and get a feel for the mouse-free computing environment of the future: the g-speak spatial operating environment.

  • I could not tell by the brief overview and the video clip on this technology, but is this in any way related to Jeff Han's work (youtube “minority report becomes reality”). In any regards, this is truly impressive and puts my coding capabilities to shame. I know that I will absolutely love going to work and not having to sit, slouched over all day long. And to think the future generations will probably want a tool that isn't so “boring”. Great post!

  • I am in awe! What is the time frame on something like this coming to the market? I was concentrating more on the users than the actual product at times, and noticed how controlled they were. What is the ease of use for this application? Looks great!!!