Dominosteine.JPGOne of my all-time favorite cookies is the Dominostein – a cubic inch morsel of goodness – a layer of Lebkuchen, jelly and marzipan, all enrobed in dark chocolate. My German grandmother to this day gives the whole family big boxes full of German treats every Christmas season, and the box always includes Dominosteine. Usually these cookies are a once-a-year thing for me, but my brother just took a trip to Europe that included a few days in Germany and Austria, homeland of these wondrous treats. And because he is such an excellent brother, he brought me back two boxes of Dominosteine, a supply which only lasted me a couple days. Thankfully, the holiday season is right around the corner…

  • Nikolaus Bauman

    I wonder if there is a way you might be able to purchase these online… I'll look into that 🙂