July 11th, Really?

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the 3G iPhone for some time, and was mostly pleased with the new features, but the July 11th release date was a bit of a drag, as I’m no good with the whole delayed-gratification thing. Besides the higher data speeds and third party apps, the feature I’m most excited about is Exchange integration, given our shop at Foundry Group uses Exchange for our calendar, contacts and messaging. Oh, geotagging of photos is pretty damn cool as well.

But since I cannot truly be satisfied by what’s currently available and am always looking around the corner, I might as well complain a bit. The iPhone needs a better camera — with Samsung and others shipping 5 megapixel camera phones, the fact that Apple didn’t bump up the pixel count beyond two paltry megapixels on the 3G iPhone was disappointing. As is the ongoing lack of ability to record video, though I’m hopeful this can be addressed in a future software upgrade and won’t require another hardware rev. The late-breaking rumors of a front-facing camera for video conferencing were also intriguing, so that was another unfulfilled item on my wishlist. And, finally, I’d be more than happy to pay a premium for more storage, and I was really hoping for a 32GB capacity model. Looks like I’ll have to wait until 2009 to get those wishes fulfilled.

Despite my bitching, I’ll be in line on July 11th to get the new iPhone – it will still be (by far) the coolest phone out there.

  • Tom

    Ryan, are you willing to buy phones for your buddies and save everybody else the wait in line? 🙂

    And, I'm of the opinion that 2MP is fine, given the quality of the lens, which is what really limits picture quality these days anyway…right?

    • mydogisarobot

      I'm with you, Tom. The pictures cell phones take are, in my opinion, essentially “yearbook photos” – nothing fancy, just snapshots of ad-hoc moments. I wouldn't need to print anything bigger than a 4×6, but I want that picture to be in focus with decent exposure. A buddy of mine took a shot with his iPhone while we were eating ice cream at Glacier this weekend and the results were less than stellar.

    • Matt Connolly

      Lens size and quality is definitely the limiting factor for photo quality.

      My Nokia E51 phone (which is great) has 2MP camera, which always takes about 1MP of blur. Photos would look just as good scaled to 1MP because the lens is rubbish – sure it's fine for it's size, but 2MP sensor on a lens about 2mm across is a waste.

  • Here's my beef. I want to be able to receive picture texts without having to visit a website and enter in a long difficult login and password in order to see a small thumbnail of the pic sent to me.

    Video conferencing would be sweet, but let's start small with basic features that I had before switching. It's very frustrating. I just want to be able to view the pictures my sister in-law sends me of my 8 month old niece staring deeply into a grape… and the pictures my roommate sends me of his weekly trip to the tittaaaay bar.

    Come on!

    • Not really sure why I took my iPhone frustrations out on your blog. Guess your blog was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • mydogisarobot

    Anyone notice this?


    Oof. Bait and switcheroo!