What’s That?

DSC01739.jpg DSC01741.jpg DSC01737.jpg DSC01747.jpg

With a tip of the hat to Steve Jurvetson’s ongoing “What’s That?” photo puzzle series on flickr, here’s four shots I took of the same object (from various levels of zoom) while sightseeing with my family in Northern California last week. Fame and public recognition go to the person who can identify what this is.

  • qoet

    cable from the GGB i reckon

  • Qoet, you recon correctly, congrats! I think I may have provided too many hints when I mentioned sightseeing in NoCal.

  • Jud Valeski

    yea, I was going to go w/ cut cable end as well, strange that it's filled w/ some insulating goo though.

  • qoet

    @Ryan… call it “home field advantage”