Are You Experienced?

I was digging through my old-school media collection (analog artifacts like VHS and cassette tapes) this weekend and discovered a VHS tape that contained the television commercials that Excite aired back in 1996. I believe we started airing the commercials for the first time during a Saturday Night Live broadcast and we saw some serious traffic spikes afterwards. I’ve always liked these commercials, featuring Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? as the soundtrack, which were put together by Excite’s first director of marketing, the very talented Scott Epstein. I thought they had been lost forever, so was (pardon me) excited to rediscover them. I’ve put them up on YouTube. Enjoy.

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  • Tom

    This spawns a whole new line of speculation…It feels to me like IntenseDebate should do an add with a Bob Dylan tune…no wait, gotta get more hip – any hipsters got ideas?

  • Kinda quirky … at some level it's reminiscing about two lost eras.

    The 60's via Hendrix and the 90's and excite…

    Ah, well there has only been three companies that I've truely enjoyed working for:
    MIPS, SGI and Excite