Comcast: Hurry up with TiVo Rollout!

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Via Gizmodo:  Upgrading your Comcast Motorola/Scientific DVR to run TiVo software costs an extra $2.95/month and has been rolled out in New England.  More details from Comcast here.  And go sign up here to be notified when it rolls out in your neighborhood.  Comcast, please hurry up and get this rolled out in the Boulder/Denver area! 

I gave up my DirecTiVo box when I moved from CA to CO and have been a victim of the Comcast DVR user interface for the past 16 months, and I have been wistfully remembering my TiVo days.  In fact, I’ve seriously considered leaving Comcast altogether because the interface on their DVR boxes has to be one of the worst UI abominations I’ve ever experienced.  Seriously — it boggles my mind how a UI can be so bad when there exists a great UI like TiVo that can be imitated.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Comcast’s attempts to imitate have been a disaster.  So I’m glad they’ve given up and decided to make the best-of-breed TiVo interface available.  Finally.

I cannot wait to get TiVo back.  I can only hope it will happen sometime in the next few months because I’m not sure how long I can hold out.  Can anyone from Comcast chime in here on the rollout schedule?  Can anyone hook me up with early access?

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  • What’d be nice is if Comcast were to also enable my existing HD tivo to access the on-demand stuff… As I understand it, CableCard theoretically should let that be possible. And by building one of them Tivo applet thingies they ought to be able to fairly easily do an out-of-band TCP-based control system if they can’t do it through cablecard directly too….

  • Of course I just installed a Tivo HD player :-). I’m so hooked on the Tivo peanut remote that even the Tivo software on a non-Tivo box wouldn’t quite do it for me though.

  • I bought a cable-ready TiVo Series 3. Comcast had to install the cable card. (You would think that they could design a card that just plugs in, since it’s a standard interface.) So I had to do the whole four-hour window, truck-roll thingie. But I have an HD TiVo and no Comcast box or interface. And no DirecTivo, which has still not been upgraded for more than two years!

  • Stewart, yeah, I’ve thought of going the Series 3 / CableCard route, but have been scared off by installation horror stories, though both you and Jud who have commented here have made it work.
    But WRT CableCard, the 1.0 spec, which is the one that Series 3 uses and the only spec officially supported (2.0 is still caught up in standards-body hell) is only a one-way spec, so it doesn’t support any on-demand or two-way functionality.
    The world will have to wait for CableCard 2.0 to get that, so for now, the only way to get a single DVR box with TiVo / HD Support and OnDemand support is to go with Comcast’s version…