Boned by the iPhone

My friend Jud scored an 8Gb iPhone for me this evening (thanks again!), and I picked it up a couple hours ago. Finally got it home, unpacked it, wow is it a beautiful piece of hardware. Then I connected it to iTunes and I went through the activation process but got stuck at the last step. AT&T was not able to approve me automatically and said I needed to wait for an email from them for activation to complete.

An hour later, no email, so I try to run the activation process again. This time it tells me my credit was not approved and I need to obtain a pre-approval code from AT&T which can apparently only be had by visiting an AT&T store. Who knows why I got denied, my credit record is spotless.

Major Bummer. Apple’s beautiful out-of-the-box experience has been completely destroyed by useless old Ma Bell. So now I have a beautiful but useless brick. Off to bed, I am too tired to deal with this right now…

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  • I gave up also. iTunes 7.3 on my Vista machine keeps telling me to uninstall / reinstall iTunes. I’m in an infinite iTunes loop and I too am too tired to deal. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Cathy

    After 10 minutes or so of software updates, mine works perfectly. I’m on it now, interface is amazing!

  • Greg

    So, you are upset because a 3rd Party Credit Company told ATT you are not credit worthy. Hmm, I would be upset with ATT if they opened your account. Why should they take the risk. Sounds like your issue is with a credit reporting company and not as you say “old useless Ma Bell.” Stop crying.

  • Greg, it surprises me that you are willing to publicly post snide comments to a complete stranger when you lack any real information with which to make a judgment. As it turns out, my credit record is totally clean and some might say enviable.
    Rest assured, my credit worthiness had nothing to do with this at all. I will post a follow-up shortly and detail what exactly went wrong, but the short story is that I subscribe to an identity-theft protection service which flags new potential creditors to ask specific security questions of me whenever they try to open a line of credit using my identity. AT&T did not properly follow this procedure, which is what led to the denial.

  • Elmer Dowick

    Boo Hoo Your fancy smancy credit reporting service screwed you up. Why blame ATT?

  • Super Elmo

    Ha HA HA AH ha ha ha ha ah – U all a bunch of Suckers for buying into all this unproven hype!!! You got what you deserve for being “early adopters”. Also thier network suks and can’t stream realtime cable like I can with verizon and my Treo. Thats right 500 channels of fios cable tv streamed live anytime!!

  • Sergej

    IPhone cons:
    Spend 2 hour to activate my iPhone. Call to Apple 2 times, ATT 2 different departments, local store and they not able to help me. I just repeating activation procedure for like … 30 times and phone is finally activated… and what I found out?
    1. No simple to do list? And no way to simulate it especially via web apps that simple not work as expected with 2,5G Edge network.
    2. Applications crashes (closed unexpectedly like in win 95)
    3. No way to turn off ATT connection and live WIFI on to save battery life when no signal available.
    4. Very slow 2.5G Edge network. If you at Verizon or 3G you will never use this type of network connection. It is tooooooo slow.
    5. No Copy/Paste. This is just blows my mind. I cant copy part of web page and paste to my notes!
    6. No GPS support at all! Original google maps for mobile with other phones with bluetoth is much better and offer additional features.
    7. Safari is very bad browser and very limited for iPhone. No real support for google docs and similar application. No copy/paste. No right click. You always need to zoooom all web pages in this brilliantly stupid browser and accidentally hit links, and then it crash.
    8. calculator is very simple only +/- and Memo. No %, or other features that have any 3$ calculator.
    9. Alarms and reminder that you not able to snooze to selected time interval like 15, 30 min.
    10. Word clock is limited to “famous” cities. If you looking for Ft.Lauderdale you only use Miami.
    11. Camera with no video. You not able to upload your photos to web….Just simply stupid application.
    12. Stocks. This is only for Steve J.&Co. Totally useless apps… Why include this apps but no To-Do list?
    13. Calendar. Not for business oriented people.
    14. Concats is hidden under Phone app. To actually open it you need 3-4 “clicks” No search in contacts or Calendar or notes. You need to be a “acrobat” to find contact in 200 and more contact list. To select a contact you need to operate your fingers very carefully. No way for large fingers, IPhone is not for you.
    15. Phone is sucks. Speaker phone made me laugh, I can hear it only in recording studio dead room. Voice mail will not work if you have only 2-3 bars you should call ATT-cingular by the old way.
    Finally about main Jibs bullshit: This is not best IPod, Internet or phone, and definitely this is not a smart phone. If your primary concern is music you can spend $600+ monthly fee much better and have better phone with INTERNET and email, better and old IPod, and other Jobs…
    I’m going to return this shining device tomorrow and wait for SP2 or SP3… it is something that you already know.
    But, goodies: You can give it iPhone to your son or show others that you have one, Ha?

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