11:11:11 on 11/11

One of my special abilities (my wife disbelieves and mocks this claim of mine) is that I have knack for looking at the clock when it is 11:11. It happens to me several times each week.

Imagine my pleasure when I glanced at the clock today at 11:11 and realized today is November 11th. I’ll be sure to watch again this evening when it rolls around again to observe when the seconds also hit the eleven mark: 11:11:11 on 11/11.

Five years from today, I’ll throw an Eleven party and invite all my hendecaphiliac friends to celebrate the moment when it is 11:11:11 on 11/11/11.

I can’t wait.

(Special note: it took me a solid fifteen minutes of web-sleuthing to come up with the word hendecaphilia, which is the affinity for the number eleven. If I had more time, I would have written this blog post in hendecasyllabic verse.)

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  • Happens to us all the time too. My wife always says “it’s 11:11, make a wish.” :-).

  • Not one result for hendecaphilia online or in the dictionary. Where did you find out about it?

  • Sam

    Sign me up for the party in 5 years time! –S

  • I actually could not find the word hendecaphilia online until I posted. I created the word from the roots. Just needed to figure out that “hendeca” was the root word for eleven. Found that when I discovered the entries on hendecasyllabic verse. “Philia” was the easy part. So my blog post appears to be the first use of hendecaphilia on the web. A Google search now returns this blog post.

  • julianne

    Surely you know that you are seeing 11:11 for a reason, right? You are part of the 11:11 phenomenon. It’s time to wake up. There are many of us.

  • chris

    i experience 11:11 as well as all other hours with 11 minutes. oh yeah i was born on sept 11 and the name’s really christopher= 11

  • chris

    i did some extra research and i found out that there are some historians and other “likenesses” that discovered the fact that jesus christ was born on sept 11 and that this whole 11:11 thing is linked to it. my email is [email protected] and feel free to let me in on what ever there is on this 11:11 thing. also thank y’all cause i though i was crazy or paranoid. my friends would smirk when i tried to explain the whole thing to them.

  • jason

    been seeing 11 11 for about 4 years now.started after a strange meeting in france with a medium who told me i was very receptive.we exchanged addreses and numbers but he could not be found.i thought i was the only one who kept seeing 11 11 untill yesterday.now trying to further my self.

  • Ranbo

    I used to show my friend my watch when it was 11:11 on 11/11. We’re seriously planning a huge party on 11/11/11 [he’s driving across the country for it]. My family played yahtzee on 7/7/7 (very lucky day), and we’ll be going to an all-you-can-eat buffet on 8/8/8 (so we can say “I ate and ate and ate on 8/8/8”). Not sure what to do on 9/9/9 or 10/10/10, but 11/11/11 is “the big one”. I wrote an article on Wikipedia about “eleven eleven”, but someone wiped it out, sadly.

  • Quentin Seals

    It is too bad that your wife does not support your mystical connections; on the other hand, those who have not experienced the phenomenon are bound to be dubious and are apt to label such occurrences as sheer coincidence. I have a couple of links for you, that I recently discovered:
    This first one, above, showed a historical event of great proportion on 11-11 in the year 1911.
    This next one is a group I found that I think I might join:
    Know that what you are experiencing is REAL and it is significant–we just don’t know how yet. Keep an open mind and keep watching for more synchronicities.

  • HelpSaveUs

    All of these 11s in our lives are no coincidence. I was amazed to stumble across this page and see so many people noticing what I do.. PLEASE NOTICE also that in BINARY CODE 0110 0110 0110 = 666. I urge anyone seeing these connections to take a close look at the events of our time in reference to sacred numerology (Currently broadly classisifed as CONSPIRACY, especially of interest preceeded by IBM). After all, the numbers of all flights used on Sept 11 01 add to 11,12,13,14 in that order and many pivotal names in today’s world government have 11 letters too. Your 11-11-11 party may be spoiled by the apocolypse! If you can see these patterns, you have a latent ability to use sacred geometry. I hope more people begin to understand thier own suppressed true power and intellect, rise above current systems of keeping it dormant in the masses, and expand into a movement of humanity on its own terms.

  • Greg Varra

    Remember to look at all sides and trust only your intuition, reliable research, and its source. Do not expect your frineds and loved ones to support you in this venture if they have not had the same experience. It is a learned behavior for humans to fear venturing past “the way it has always been” to disover their own truth. That is why we have been put on stand-by to sharpen our senses, pay attention, stop-look-listen, and run with it to assist others who have been misled by government and organized religion to beleive that anything other than what they have laid out is evil.

  • HelpSaveUs

    Since visiting this blog last, something VERY IMPORTANT has become clear to me. Each must take thier own path, in thier own time, for thier own purpose. But in my further experiences and studies on the 11:11 phenomena a shining truth about this particular number emerged. What do you notice, looking at the number 11-11-11 or 11:11? This is in fact a POWERFUL reminder, ableit funny and tongue in cheek, that we are ALL ONE!! The answer to the 11:11 mystery? UNIVERSAL LOVE!! There are groups currently meditating for one minute daily at 11:11 to enlighten more and to spread the effect. Feel it and pass it on, give all you can, for the salvation of humanity!!

  • ha. i have this affliction as well.

  • Hello!
    My name is Carol, and I have come to let you and all your members know about a HUGE world-wide event we are building at http://www.onesinalifetime.com. 
    On November 11 of this year, at 11:11:11 the time and the date are all “1” (11:11:11 on 11/11/11) this is a ONCE in a lifetime event, but also a ONES in a lifetime event.
    We have begun a party to celebrate that moment, and to recognize in that moment that, like the time and the date, we are all “1” in our humanity.  I would love to hear back from ANYONE who would like more information, and am excited to make new friends all over this world.  I am looking forward to meeting YOU.  And we are looking forward to you and your friends joining us in this world-wide party … the 1 party you do NOT want to miss.”
    When you join please say Carol sent you!
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