FallAfter 17 years living in the California Bay Area, I forgot how lovely Fall can be. Boulder is awash in Autumn’s colors and it is beautiful. This shot is taken from our back deck.

Nice to know that when the leaves have gone, there will still be the backdrop of evergreens on the mountains. I will admit, however, to some apprehension about the coming Winter months. Though I lived in Virginia and Colorado as a kid and remember almost enjoying harsh Winter weather, I’ve since grown soft after nearly two decades in the moderate Mediterranean single-season climate of Silicon Valley. Hopefully I’ll relearn to love the cold…

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  • As we life-long Californians like to say, we know snow exists (seen it on TV) but we are still suspicious of these mysterious white particles.

  • Mark Wong-VanHaren


  • Mark Salada

    I remeber standing at an ‘el’ stop in Chicago when the wind chill brought the temperature to -80 deg F. Ever feel your face cramp? It hurts. No such chill in Colorado except when you’re on a mountain. Bring on the fluffy white stuff!