SlingPlayer Mobile on Moto Q on YouTube

Several of the gadget blogs I read yesterday pointed to this cool video than an early-adopter user posted of his brand new Motorola Q running the new SlingPlayer Mobile client. Get a Slingbox, a Motorola Q and a TiVo, and you’ll be the coolest kid on the block. This blog post was also an excuse for me to embed a YouTube video in my blog for the first time.

If you’re reading in an aggregator that doesn’t support embeds, here’s the link.

Update: thanks to Michael Oryl at for the video and the link to the new version.

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  • I am the “coolest kid on the block” mentioned.
    The original video has been removed and I have uploaded a new version. You can find it here:

  • Sam

    This is cool, but WAY LESS IMPORTANT than the Mac Client. I want my Mac Client. Please, Sling, take my money!