Happy Birthday To Me!

Today (October 29th) is my birthday. I’m a 34 year old Scorpio. I’m interested in finding out how active my readers are, so please leave some birthday comments for me. Thanks!

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  • If I read my blogs every morning, I’d have been able to say happy birthday in person! Happy birthday.

  • Stephen C. Johnson

    Happy Birthday, Ryan.
    You appear to me to be pretty wise for a 34 year old.
    I really liked your memories of serving Rosa Parks.

  • A big happy birthday to you! Gosh, I still remember when you were a young lad at 27 years of age, looking at the world with wide-eyed enthusiasm, laughing in the face of danger, and overflowing with cheer and goodwill.
    Some things never change I guess. 🙂
    Happy birthday my friend.
    – Scott

  • Ryan,
    Happy birthday to a fellow “30 something.” I thoroughly enjoy you blog and proudly display it on my blogroll. You’re one of a handful of guys who inspired me to take a crack at blogging…
    All the best on your birthday,
    Jason Wood

  • hey – you’re an old man now, 17 years my senior. Keep saying “dude” while you can!
    I’m sure we’ll see each other one of these days….

  • Happy Birthday Ryan!
    What better way to celebrate than with an IPO. Hope you have a few coming your way 😉

  • Happy Birthday Ryan! And don’t listen to that young whippersnapper Ben. When I turned 31, he told me I couldn’t say dude anymore. No consistency!

  • Happy Birthday to you you you, you young person — Brad says Happy Birthday to you, too.

  • Happy Birthday Ryan. Blogging for birthday wishes is a first – but so was the great mushroom ice cream recipe.

  • seth

    Happy birthday old man!

  • seth

    Happy birthday old man!

  • Happy birthday to a fellow Scorpio. Your blog is inspiring.

  • Happy birthday, big man! May you have many more!

  • Martin Reinfried

    It was good to see you on your birthday, and I’m glad to wish you Happy Birthday again.

  • Mark Wong-VanHaren

    I hope you had a Rocktober-style fete for your birthday, my man.
    Blog-post topic suggestions:
    * The funniest funding pitch you’ve heard.
    * The lyrics to the Beer Barrel Polka.
    * Myths about VCs.

  • David Z

    happy birthday. you can be happy in the fact that you’ll never catch up to me!!