Language Acquisition

My son Quinn is nineteen months old and is soaking up new words like a sponge. Some of my recent favorites include: umbrella, spider and Calabi-Yau, which might qualify as the most useless word a toddler could know, but deeply amused his dad, who was having fun with his excellent mimicry skills one Saturday afternoon. Being nineteen months old, he also tends to stumble on multi-syllabic words, including the word for one of his favorite foods, guacamole. Quinn’s pronunciation sounds more like Guacamoyle, which I can only assume is the name for the izmel-wielder at a Mexican Bris.

  • My nephew says, “Calabi-Goo.”
    What does THAT mean?

  • Randy Levitt

    Nice to see your son is embracing cultural diversity at such an early age. As a past izmel-wielder myself, I can only grimmace while the involuntary stomach-ache sets in from the thought…My son still hasn’t forgiven my role in his bris.