Happy Birthday to Q!

Img_0894Our son Quinn is one year old today! Katherine & I have had an exhilirating, exhausting and wonderful first year with the little guy, who is (seriously) the best baby in the known universe. We’re proud of ourselves today given we’ve had a dog survive over two years in our care and a little boy make it one year. That said, your odds as a houseplant in Casa McIntyre still aren’t so good…

  • Happy B-Day, Q-Dog!
    Enjoying the blog, brother. Maybe one day my blog (“McIntyre’s Cavalcade of Disappointment, Dismay and Despair”) will be ready for your perusal.
    Oh, if only there were an emoticon to perfectly encapsulate my sardonic mirth-making!

  • Sam

    That kid is just WAY too cute…

  • Thank god he takes after Katharine.

  • Hey Ryan: Brad posted on you. Nice to see the blog. I have four kids. Come on in the waters fine 🙂
    I’m looking forward to meeting you someday. I’m a big fan of Mobius folks
    John Furrier

  • Happy Birthday to Quinn – best to you and katherine. Welcome to the blog world.